SPR enhanced fluorescence biosensor

1 Configuration
 SPR enhanced fluorescence sensor chip ; SPR optical detection system

2 Specifications
  • Instrument Size: 1000mm*600mm* 800mm
  • Angular resolution: 0.004°
  • Injection Volume: 5-750μl
  • Excitation wavelength: 632.8nm
  • Emission wavelength: 670nm(exchangeable)
  • Injection Control: Automatic
  • Analysis time: 1-10 minutes / sample
  • Flow Cell Capacity: 0~50μl
  • Flow Cell Number: Single Channel
  • Sensitivity: 5×10-6 RIU-1
  • Enhancement ratio of fluorescence intensity: 20-100 times
  • PMT dark current: 1nA

3 Equipment function
Based on surface plasmon resonance (SPR) technology to track the interaction between biomolecules in real time, combined with fluorescence labeling, high sensitivity SPR enhanced fluorescence detection was realized. At the same time, the equipment can measure the fluorescence intensity in scanning mode. Specific functions can be realized: 1. Determination of kinetic constants; 2. Determination of sample concentration; 3. Analysis of interaction mode; 4. Functional analysis of complex; 5. Fluorescence detection.
4 Main application fields of equipment
Proteomics Immunoassay
Drug Discovery Vaccine Development
Cancer Research Transient Binding
Cell Signaling Ligand Fishing
Multi-molecular Complexes Binding Specificity
Molecular Recognition Structure-function Relationship
Immune Regulation Enzyme Reaction